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Below is a list of featured content that touches on personal and professional development themes

Human Potential Multiplied with Luke O'Mahoney welcomes co-hosts, Helen Osborne and Dimitrios M. Perdikoulis to discuss all things people, culture, + performance.

Human Potential Multiplied with Luke O'Mahoney speaks with Dimitrios M. Perdikoulis about high-performance, and have a bit of fun unpacking a handful of culture myths, present in mainstream thinking with regards to organisational culture.

Effective business development isn’t just a skill; it’s a mindset and set of habits that anyone can learn. Humans are hardwired to connect with one another - so why does it feel so awkward to reach out when there’s business involved? 

In the traditional sense, performance consulting is a service for businesses to analyse and identify productivity issues, and then recommend solutions to improve performance. But the same process also applies to individuals looking for career advice in Hong Kong. 

Trained co-active coach James Ellis and Dimitrios Perdikoulis focus on coaching: what it is, unique techniques and benefits for us and our work.

Dimitrios discusses his professional trajectory so far, his motivations and some of his core values. He emphasizes a 'people-first' approach and the importance of living your values.

Despite the plethora of information available today, we often struggle to find what we’re looking for. There is so much out there on personal development, self-help, becoming a better leader, increasing your chances of being successful etc., but if I’m looking for advice, I want it to be condensed and simplified.

Success can be broken down into small day-to-day successes and big long-term achievements. While a number of people tend to focus on the latter, small day-to-day successes are pre-requisites to establishing the former.

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