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  • Intro

    Every week
    Explore the basics
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • 2 sessions (45 mins each)
    • Resource: Holistic Performance
    • Framework: EYP
  • Best Value


    Every week
    Build on the intro course
    Valid for 8 weeks
    • 2 sessions (45 mins each)
    • Resource: Holistic Performance
    • Framework: EYP
    • Curated Reading List & Resources
  • Advanced

    Every week
    Intense high performance
    Valid for 12 weeks
    • 2 sessions (60 mins each)
    • Track & Trace Progress
    • 10 Transformative Habits
    • Resource: Holistic Performance
    • Curated Reading List & Resources
    • Framework: EYP
  • Corporate

    High-Performance Coaching
    Valid for 16 weeks
    • Please Enquire

Sessions can only be rescheduled within 48hrs.

Performance: PaidPlans
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 Dimitrios' passion and drive are unparalleled, which makes him an incredible asset (and an inspiring person to be around). Dimitrios supported me in the very early stages of launching Sapienˣ and has been an incredible help in getting the business off the ground.


Not only is Dimitrios knowledgeable in all aspects of operational management, but he also has great holistic experience which he applied in supporting me with strategy, community, and outreach. I have no hesitation in recommending Dimitrios to any business.

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Project Officer

What really impressed me was Dimitrios’ realistic optimism, and wealth of personal experience he could draw from when confronted with my specific issues, such as job-hunting in Hong Kong’s uncertain market environment.


My journey of self-healing and development was also largely ingnited by Dimitrios, after he introduced me to “The Art of Living”.

I highly recommend Dimitrios if you are looking to develop comprehensively in your journey!

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Data Engineer

I had a pleasure to connect with Dimitrios at one of the networking events organised by King's College London and he immediately offered his help in career planning and job search. As I was at the end of my course, it was very helpful to get his support and guidance through my recruitment journey.

The excellent help I received in CV / cover letter writing and job interview prep had direct impact on my successful job hunting.

Yellow Simple Depop Profile Picture (1).png

Business Director & Co Founder

I want to say thank you for keeping our team refreshed and energised.


You did a great job!

Yellow Simple Depop Profile Picture (1).png

Project Manager

I recently had a one-time session with Dimitrios, and I was really impressed with his coaching skills.


He was attentive, and supportive, and provided me with actionable advice that I could implement right away. He had a great ability to listen and understand my perspective and offered me valuable insights that helped me gain clarity on my goals. I would definitely recommend Dimitrios to anyone who is looking for a performance coach.

Yellow Simple Depop Profile Picture (1).png

Account Manager

I've identified tangible areas for improvement including procrastination, time management, and goal setting.

Yellow Simple Depop Profile Picture (1).png


Dimitrios took the time to understand what I wanted to get out of the summer, and the result was a perfectly constructed programme tailored to my goals.


Dimitrios is clearly impressively organised and driven, and I wish his venture all the luck!

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Policy Professional

Dimitrios is the epitome of hard work, professionalism and dedication to a task.


He provided great support to me throughout the year we worked together, and made a significant impact in his role.

Yellow Simple Depop Profile Picture (1).png

Accounting Partner

Dimitrios is an excellent communicator and relationship manager...It was evident that Dimitrios is an exceptional “people person” and he valued everyone’s contribution and opinion. He had a strong set of core values, drive and enthusiasm for his role.

Dimitrios is also commercially astute and this led to interesting discussions on a range of topics and potential events.

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