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Be healthy

Updated: Feb 22

Health - well-being on an emotional, mental and physical level


The global pandemic that we are experiencing has brought about unprecedented changes to the way we live our lives. The situation has pushed us towards re-evaluating everything around us. We have been forced to assess our choices, our priorities and our lifestyles.

In order to get through this situation, it is imperative that we prioritise our health. Health includes emotional, physical and mental well-being. Awareness of these different areas is an essential starting point to ensuring that we do the best we can to remain healthy.

The way we think about things, the way we speak and the way we act, all have direct impacts on our health and well-being. While this situation is uncomfortable for everyone involved, both in personal and professional realms, the truth is that we should only work towards controlling the controllable.

Complaining won’t help us or anyone around us.

Neither will negativity or pessimism.

Instead, let’s use all the energy we have to strengthen our mindsets and our resolve. To do this, we need to create balance in our lives. Balance is easily understood as equilibrium in all areas and is something that we must seek irrespective of whether we are in a global pandemic or not.

Balance equals peace of mind & body.

How may we achieve this you ask? Especially considering that we are all either working from home, self-isolating, social distancing or quarantined.

For starters, create a structure around the way you approach each day. Make sure to connect with others appropriately but also to disconnect. Make sure to spend more time with your family. Make sure to exercise. Make sure to unwind at the end of each day. Make sure to spend some time sitting still. Make sure to hydrate throughout the day, and make sure to eat nourishing food. Everything we do either brings us closer to feeling better or to feeling worse so each decision should be a conscious one.

Despite how unfortunate the circumstances are, we must use the reality we are experiencing to do all the things we have been putting to the side for so long. Reach out to people, without needing something from them. Send your good wishes to everyone, irrespective of any past grudges.

Now is the time to put our egos aside. Now is the time to be the best version of ourselves.

So, let's avoid spending all our time on our devices, and let's avoid extremes. We should strive to do a bit of everything and above all, we must understand that our approach will determine our experience. This applies to life in general.

While we hope and pray that this situation will be resolved soon, it may not, so building healthy habits and working on ourselves will increase our chances of getting through this but will also prepare us for any future challenges.

Remember, take everything one day at a time.


1. Commit to improving your physical, emotional and mental health

2. Understand that we must seek balance within and without to improve our overall health

3. Ask yourself whether you are making the most of the time that is available to you

4. Focus on creating a routine that brings you joy, even if you have to be indoors all the time


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