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Be honest

Updated: Feb 22

Honesty - unquestionable words and actions when interacting with others


Honesty is a vast topic and could easily have been the first post on this website. The focus here though is on being honest with ourselves. Before we can choose to be disciplined in the way we approach our thoughts, decisions and actions, we need to practice honesty. We have to confront who we are in our essence, despite how uncomfortable that may be. Remember, no matter how complicated our past is, no matter how much pain we've felt or how hurt we've been, every soul is beautiful and unique. Every soul has a role to play and an impact to make.

My intention is not to downplay your experiences or your journey or to sound cliché. I just happen to be conscious of how difficult it is to be honest with ourselves because I too am on a journey.

What motivates you?

What makes you feel uncomfortable?

Why do you think and act in certain ways?

Why do you react and/or always defend yourself?

Do you feel like you're better than others? Worse?

Do you see yourself as a victim of your circumstances?

Ultimately, why do you choose to see the world and your journey the way you do?

Regardless of what your answers are, you're most likely acting in a way that reflects your perceptions of the world (and therefore being a certain way). What if those perceptions are flawed? What if they're heavily conditioned? What would that mean about your actions and who you choose to be? Could it mean that you're very far from identifying your purpose and fulfilling your potential? Most probably, but that's okay. Most people are.

In fact, everyone faces this intersection at some point or another.

The real question is, how can we make sure we don't fall into the trap of allowing our conditioned mind to influence the way we live the rest of our lives?

By being honest with ourselves.

Do you live off drama?

Do you find yourself lying?

Do you believe in yourself?

Do you work hard enough?

Do you feel you're entitled?

Do you work smart enough?

Would you step on someone to get ahead?

Do you think you deserve more than you have?

Are you inclined to cheat in order to achieve something?

Do you look for recognition or are you trying to do the very best you can?

Do you want success so that you can show off and feel better about yourself?

Are you in it for yourself or are you equally interested in furthering those around you?

These questions can give us an indication of who we are being.

This is not who we are. In our truest essence.

If we choose to think differently today, if we make different decisions and we act in a different way, then we will most certainly work towards being different.

Your core may remain unchanged but you can heavily influence who you are being and therefore play a massive role in your direction and journey in life.

Think about it this way.

You, and your ego, are two different entities, that make up the same person.

Your mind is made up of these exact same entities:

Consciousness (you) and materiality (your ego).

What your ego thinks, feels, and wants you to do, may be very very different to what you may feel, think and want to do. Honesty comes down to being aware of the differences between the two so that you can focus on being disciplined enough to keep your ego in check and allow your consciousness to flourish. That is the precise goal of yoga and meditation;

to enable those who practice to transcend the duality of their minds by leaving the ego behind.

If you can practice consciousness every single day, the two entities in your brain will merge in a way that will allow your consciousness to shine through. To be conscious though requires total honesty with yourself and those around you.

Before we can work towards identifying our potential, we first need to understand that there's work to do and that the real source of this work can be found within us. Do not be distracted by what goes on outside. Nothing of essence, value, or intrinsic worth can be found externally. You may think it does, but that is most likely your ego. Be honest, by taking a step back and assessing who you are, non-judgmentally. It really is okay to feel bad about who you are choosing to be. It really is okay if you feel that you could be doing a lot better in all the different aspects of your life. It really really is okay if you feel like you've wasted time.

Why? Because the only thing that truly matters is this moment. Right now.

Your past is an illusion because it no longer exists and no matter how clearly you remember it, who you are today is very different to who you were when those moments were taking place. Similarly, your future is an illusion. If you focus too much on something which hasn't happened you run the risk of losing out on precious time, in the now, to do the things which can drastically impact who you are being and becoming. Do not allow your past to influence your now, and do not allow thoughts about the future to overtake this very moment.

Being honest with yourself will probably be one of the hardest things you are ever asked to do, alongside being disciplined, but these two characteristics will make a massive difference and put you on track to becoming the very best version of yourself. Just endure the challenge. Take one step at a time, and each day as it comes. Nothing good comes easy but if you want the very best that life has to offer, you have to become comfortable with the things that normally make us uncomfortable.

The path to growth requires transformation and the earlier you start, the faster you can rewire your outlook.


1. Commit to being honest with yourself, every single day

2. Understand that you and your ego are two different entities

3. Ask yourself vulnerable questions about your thoughts, habits, outlook and tendencies

4. Focus on the now, recognise that the past and future are illusions of the mind


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