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Be inspired

Updated: Feb 22

Inspiration - creative energy that gives birth to new idea ideas


We often think of inspiration as something external; something that will one day hopefully strike us (maybe when we're walking back home from the grocery shop). The truth is if we take that approach, who knows when we'll become inspired. That's why, it's probably worthwhile cultivating a mindset whereby we look for inspiration (when we're sitting at our desk, when we're out for a walk, and when we're practising stillness etc.).

Inspiration is everywhere, but we have to train ourselves to look for it, and to find it.

One way to do this is to accept the fact that being inspired is our own responsibility. It is up to us to create the right conditions (just as it is our own responsibility to create the right conditions for being focused). Another way to achieve inspiration (which complements the first suggestion), is to make sure we're absorbing enough creative content. A third way is to partake in activities that stretch our minds (puzzles, crosswords, sudoku), or to get into the habit of coming up with ideas (irrespective of how random they are). The more we read, listen, and watch, the more we stretch our creative powers (as long as the content is inspirational of course). The more we write, the more we improve our ability to express ourselves. The more we debate, the more we improve our ability to reason. The more we meditate, the quieter our thinking space becomes, enabling us to generate better ideas. What we put in, is what we take out.

By harnessing a proactive approach, we can teach ourselves to look for inspiration in plain sight. Whether it's a book idea, a business concept, a way to make a positive impact on our community and the broader environment, or whether it's a daily habit we pick up which helps us perform better. It's all there, once we're in the habit of increasing our awareness. Our commitment to the way we live ultimately shapes the quality of our life. The same applies to inspiration. If we are committed to living an inspired life, there is no way that we can live an uninspired life. No way. This is similar to goal setting. If we put our minds to an area(s) of life, and we apply ourselves in a committed, disciplined, and joyful manner, there isn't much we can't achieve.

Inspiration is the life force of our existence, and learning to reach into our infinite intelligence and creative powers is a skill. Its cultivation depends on our willingness, effort, and genuine interest. We have to genuinely want to live an inspired life if we are to actually build the skillset which will enable us to reap the fruits of our inspiration. One cannot exist without the other.

Start by meditating in complete silence (ten minutes a day should be good to start with). Then find a book that inspires you and make sure you read some of it during the day. Do some research on inspiring people and look at the key themes that emerge from their stories. Stretch your mind by taking up a creative outlet (painting, drawing, dancing, etc.). Get into the habit of putting together puzzles or playing sudoku. Every activity, no matter how big or small contributes to your overall state of inspiration.


1. Commit to living an inspired life

2. Understand the importance of looking for inspiration

3. Ask yourself whether you feel inspired on a daily basis

4. Focus on absorbing/producing as much inspiring content as possible


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