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Be meticulous

Updated: Feb 22

Meticulousness - attention to big (and small) details


Let me ask you one question.

Are you sweating the small stuff? No? Well, you should be.

Mastery starts with complete control over the fundamentals.

We often worry about solving complex issues and figuring the 'big' stuff out, but to do so we require momentum. One way to gain that momentum is to identify what I call life's 'pillars'. Once you know what the most important elements of your life are, you can actively work to improve, adjust and scale them.

Do not feel overwhelmed by the task at hand.

We are often reluctant to be meticulous because it means uncovering all the different areas of improvement, which can seem very daunting. Yes, massive changes won't happen overnight, but if you break down the tasks and give each equal attention, you'll definitely see major improvements.

Does it matter if you miss a workout, if you miss a meditation, if you don't follow through on a promise at work or in your personal life?

Yes. It does.

Even if it happens rarely?

Yes. Definitely.

See, the thing about setting an intention and not following through is that you allow negativity, doubt and disappointment to creep in. Missing one workout leads to missing two. Saying something to someone and not doing it, will most likely mean you repeat this with someone else. All of a sudden, you find yourself becoming complacent. Be hard on yourself with the things that really matter. Don't be hard on yourself by setting goals which are unrealistic or by doing things which set you up for failure. Our tendency - to excuse ourselves and to justify the things we do and the things we don't - negatively impacts our flow and sends out a message to the Universe that we're not in it. That we're not fully committed. We become passively ambitious, passively determined, and passively interested. That's not a message you want to be sending out.

Your thoughts, words and actions are a direct reflection of who you are becoming.

So be conscious of your patterns.

In every single one of the topics we've touched upon so far, one thing remains constant.

Take time to ask the important questions and write your answers down.

Write them down.

Some may say that you're too serious, too driven, too ambitious, and too focused.

That's completely okay.

What you do is for yourself, and for your circle.

You don't need to justify, explain yourself or play down your successes.

The journey we're on is lifelong. A few successes here, and a few obstacles there won't change your trajectory. What will change that direction and ultimately the end destination(s), is your commitment to being extraordinary. That commitment stems from how you track your progress. Nothing will happen by chance and even if you feel you're in a good space and don't need to be doing more, that's inevitably a trap. Everyone can do more. No matter how successful they are. Why? Well, because there are many pillars to our existence. If you're doing well professionally and socially, are you growing spiritually? If your income is at the level you want it to be, are you saving enough? If you've been travelling a lot, have you carved out time for your hobbies? You get the point.

Focus on the small stuff.


1. Commit to being meticulous

2. Understand that mastery starts with complete control over the fundamentals

3. Ask yourself whether you follow through on all your commitments

4. Focus on tracking your patterns and sweat the small stuff


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