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Be still

Updated: Feb 22

Stillness – the art of being


Every suggestion in this blog has its own special value in our journey towards self-mastery, but stillness has a special place. Maybe it’s because we struggle with it more than anything else.

Why? Well, in today’s world, we’re all constantly distracted and when we’re not, our main focus is to look or feel busy to justify our existence (even when we’re not actually being productive). Stillness takes us away from the world as we know it, and gives us the opportunity to carve a little moment of presence in our day.

Whether we meditate, sit in silence or practice other mindfulness techniques, being still cultivates composure. Not only. It also strengthens our ability to remain in the present moment, and as a result, we start to notice things around us that we normally wouldn’t. With that comes an added dose of gratitude because we start to realise how simple it is to feel good and how amazing it is to enjoy the little things in life. Whether it’s a coffee with friends, a train ride in a foreign country, a beachside holiday or even your morning commute to work.

You can be still anywhere you like. Just take a moment and pause. Listen to the silence…

I know it sounds counterintuitive but being still and focusing on what goes on within us, and around us will give us a glimpse of the different layers of consciousness. If you now close your eyes, and you focus your attention, you may even hear a faint, muffled ring. That’s where all the magic happens.

More on this later.

As you go on with your day, or as you start to unwind towards the end of the day, take pauses at random times by bringing your attention to the present moment. You don’t always need to think about what you are going to do after work, or what you are going to do tomorrow.

Just be still.

Do nothing, think nothing.

Just take a deep breath and pause.

We live in a World where we constantly have to be doing something and that results in short attention spans, unfulfilling experiences and the death of creativity. Slow everything down.

Enjoy your morning walk to work – if you walk, and enjoy the smell of coffee in the morning, or the bustle during lunch. Take it all in, by watching, feeling, and being.

Do this over the next week and see how you feel.

At first, it’ll seem that most of the suggestions in this blog don't actually make a difference, but in their consistent application, it’ll all make more sense. If not, you're always free to pick and choose accordingly, and to implement whichever suggestions you feel more aligned with. Remember, every post is meant to give each one of us more options in our journey towards self-mastery. Any combination of suggestions is powerful, and although we are all different beings, with different childhoods, different backgrounds, different experiences and different outlooks, the way we feel is very very similar across the board.

Don’t take my word for anything you read without applying it. Try, and then make your own judgement.


1. Commit to spending a few minutes every day in total stillness

2. Understand that doing nothing gives you an opportunity to take a step back and recharge

3. Ask yourself how often you’re caught up doing a ton of different things

4. Focus on the beauty of every daily interaction and experience it all by observing


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