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Be worthy

Updated: Feb 22

Worthiness - a feeling of respect for one's self


It's been a very difficult year for a number of reasons (some of which we've touched upon in previous posts), and so it is more relevant than ever to look at worth, and in particular self-worth.

To start off, let's begin with a few questions.

Are you confident?

Do you have high self-esteem?

Do you believe in yourself?

Are you able to stay composed or does your ego take over?

Do you think positive thoughts?

Do you celebrate other people's successes?

Are you fearful of the future?

Answering these questions will give you an indication of how worthy you feel. While most conversations regarding self-worth focus on identifying the things which cause us to feel less worthy, I'd like us to look at self-worth from a different angle. Pointing fingers at circumstances and other people when it comes to your self-worth is like blaming others for things that you are solely responsible for. Self-worth is worth that we give ourselves! While there may be a myriad of valid reasons why we may feel unworthy (challenging childhood, difficult upbringing, harsh circumstances, etc.), it's important to remind ourselves that it is our responsibility to create the conditions for worthiness.

Whether in a professional or personal context, self-worth needs to be cultivated and then maintained. It is no use allowing our self-worth to be dictated by external circumstances and/or other people. Remember, nothing and nobody has power over you at this precise moment. Circumstances and people may have been in the driving seat in the past, but as you read this post, you can choose to free yourself from the past's grip.

We can choose to be worthy because each of us is unique and each of us has something to offer others. That alone is reason enough for each of us to feel worthy. Each person's imperfections make them perfectly qualified to be unique and inspiring in their ways. Our past, society, and other people, do not have the power to choose for us unless we let them. This is key. If we allow others to choose for us, we ultimately give up our right to live life on our own terms, and that would be a paradox because this specific life is ours to live. Nobody else's. By building useful habits into your day (more to follow), it'll be easier to build and maintain higher self-worth.

For starters, make sure to surround yourself with people that build you up. Work for a boss that truly cares about your progress. Interact with family and friends that see your uniqueness. Absorb creative content that is good for you. Stay off social media unless it's your job to be on social media and you're able to objectively consume content. Read as much as you can about other people who have overcome challenges in their lives. Gain a perspective by learning about other cultures. Move your body as much as you can. Eat well. Sleep well. Hydrate as often as possible. Do the simple things that will make you feel good, as this will then enable you to automatically feel worthier.


1. Commit to being in control of your own self-worth

2. Understand the importance of your daily habits

3. Ask yourself how often you feel worthy

4. Focus on one day at a time


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