• Dimitrios Perdikoulis

Creating content


Having spent 12 months creating content on www.embraceyourprocess.com, here's what I've learnt:

1. Getting in the habit of creating (and curating) content is the best thing we can do to stretch our imagination and develop our creative talents.

2. Committing to a project outside of work demonstrates our willingness to explore, create, learn and grow.

3. Self-accountability will always be the most important form of accountability.

4. Starting is always the hardest part. Embrace Your Process was born out of two separate projects that were started in 2016 and 2017.

5. We fear the unknown, we fear judgement, we fear creating expectations, we fear all sorts of things, and that's completely okay. Acknowledge the fears and still choose to create, curate and publish content you're passionate about.

6. Build a strategy from the onset (no matter how simple) to facilitate your creative process.

7. It is important that we focus on making a positive impact at the micro level first.

8. We don't have to try and be unique. We already are unique. Most of us struggle to start because we're not sure whether our content is different to what is already out there. Don't worry about that. Your background, your experiences and your thoughts are unique, and they matter.


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