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Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

Updated: Nov 12


Professional development is imperative, especially with the unprecedented disruptions taking place and the changing business landscapes across the globe. With four months to go in 2020, it's a great opportunity to also spend time reflecting on other areas of life. Inner Engineering is an online course (seven lectures followed by seven meditations) that focuses on transforming one's self.

Having completed the course at the end of July, the following points are more relevant than ever:

- This moment is inevitable. Our thoughts regarding the past (and future) are mere illusions created by the mind. The only moment that truly exists is the present one. By realizing that life is comprised of an exponential number of singular moments, we are able to take more accountability for how we live our lives.

- We are 100% responsible for how we react towards any given situation. In fact, how we react comes down to how aware we are of any given reaction before it takes place; building that awareness can give us greater control.

- Life is a gift when we are actively involved in it. By taking it upon ourselves to care deeply for what goes on around us, we start to overflow with compassion and empathy.


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