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Using LinkedIn effectively

Updated: Feb 22


Having used LinkedIn for five years, here's what I've learnt:

1. Always respond to personal messages, no matter how successful (or busy) you are. Courtesy is priceless and worth more than the time we're trying to save.

2. Although the automatic replies are convenient, nothing beats being personal. Use people's names when reaching out or replying. It fosters connection.

3. Remember, LinkedIn's primary purpose is to share knowledge and create opportunities for one another.

4. Celebrating personal successes is a key part of any journey, however, it is important to be considerate of other people when using a network that has overarching reach.

5. Connecting on a deeper level requires more than just a message stating our intention to connect. It's important to find genuine interest in other people's story, whether we're looking for new opportunities/jobs or not.

6. Do not underestimate the power of LinkedIn. It only takes one event or one engagement to bring you in touch with remarkable people and it only takes one person to unlock a plethora of possibilities.

7. Irrespective of where we find ourselves in our professional journeys, whether at the start, in the middle or at the top, everyone is valuable and worthy of opportunities.

8. Always be genuine.


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