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My biggest lessons so far...

Updated: Feb 22


Having spent 15 years growing up in Africa (Kinshasa & Maputo), 10 years studying and working in Europe (Athens, Amsterdam, London, Mallorca) plus three and a half years in Asia, here's what I've learnt:

1. Home is where the heart is (when open-minded).

2. The most significant personal & professional growth comes through drastic change (relocating to a different country, moving to a new continent, changing jobs etc.).

3. Make sure we surround ourselves with great people because it is the people that make our journeys memorable.

4. Living in many places isn't always easy because we have to constantly start from scratch (new friends, new networks, new environments etc.), but, it gives us tremendous insight into other ways of thinking, unique traditions and different cultures.

5. Academic and professional experiences are important but nowhere near as important as life experiences (especially in the long run).

6. How we behave in our personal lives will always reflect on our professional worlds (and vice versa).

7. Always say yes to new opportunities even when we have no idea how it's going to go or how well we're going to do.

8. Never question ourselves. No matter how complex or difficult things are. Just believe, wholeheartedly.


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