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Myth-busting (part II)

Updated: Feb 23

Changing the way we think about things is key


‘Myth’ busting continued…

6. Money is difficult to make ❌

—> False. Money isn’t difficult to make (assuming you create value), but it does need to be respected, appreciated and skilfully managed ✅

7. Success is an elusive event that takes decades to achieve ❌

—> False. Success is not an event, it’s a process, and it will come when the time is right ✅

8. It’s not okay to seek recognition ❌

—> False. It’s more than fine to seek recognition for your work and for the impact you make as long as recognition isn’t a means to an end, but a byproduct of the value you create ✅

9. Saving 10% a month + investing in your 401k or the S&P 500 will make you rich ❌

—> False. Creating multiple revenue streams will make you rich and the more impact you make, the more money you’ll generate ✅

10. It’s okay to let others dictate who you can be ❌

—> False. Only you can dictate who you WANT to be and only you can work towards who you think you CAN be ✅


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