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Tips for students/grads

Updated: Feb 22


Having studied at a liberal arts college and a leading war studies department, worked in the luxury hospitality industry, a global accounting body, a boutique management consulting firm, and various other start-ups, the last eight years have taught me the following:

1. Undergraduate degrees are a great opportunity to get involved in many extracurricular projects that further personal and professional aspirations.

2. It's often difficult to know what we want to spend our lives working on right out of college, so if one is to do a master's degree, it's imperative that the University has a network and brand that can be leveraged.

3. The hospitality industry teaches skills that one can take with them anywhere they go.

4. The City of London is an amazing place to start a career, despite any logistical challenges (expenses, etc.).

5. Opportunities for relocation open up a plethora of possibilities.

6. Travel is priceless. Nothing beats a well-informed and rounded individual.

7. Forget plan B. We may have alternative options in mind, but focusing on anything other than Plan A shows the Universe that we lack belief.

8. 10-year plans are unnecessary (so are 5-year plans). We can have an approximate idea of what we want, but our focus should be on crafting ourselves in the present moment.


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