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What is your superpower?

Updated: Feb 22


2021 was all about doing the things I've always said I want to do. Facing and overcoming fears, creating a day to day based on my ideal lifestyle, trying activities and sports I've never dared to, meeting new people and widening my circle of friends and entrepreneurs, testing the market with Embrace Your Process' performance consulting offering, pushing myself physically, mentally, and academically, and taking chances by reaching out and learning from business leaders with experience in industries I'm passionate about.

2022 is about cultivating consistency and playing to my strengths. This is because I'm at a stage in my life where it's crucial for me to do the things I know are good for me; the things which make me feel great and help me perform to the best of my abilities. As I reflect on the last three weeks, and more broadly on my journey over the last 6 years, it has struck me that in the world of professional development, there is a lot of focus on improving weaknesses or things we're not that good at. While there's nothing wrong with this approach, we see less attention placed on our strengths and how we can get into the habit of playing to them.

Having met a range of people from different backgrounds, different professions and of different ages, I've come to realise that each one of us has at least one superpower. Learning to play to our strengths is a skill that needs to be uncovered, cultivated and used on a daily basis. Developing areas of improvement is key, but I would argue that playing to our strengths is just as important.

What are you great at?

What do people compliment you on?

What do you love doing?

Where do you create the most value in your life?

As we ask these questions, we'll slowly uncover patterns in our life that will bring clarity to our purpose and overall journey. This will enable us to discover our superpower, which is only the first step in this process. Cultivating our superpower through daily use and holding on to it no matter the circumstances, is vital. It takes a lot of reflection, integrity with oneself, discipline, and intention, but I urge everybody to spend time reflecting on who they truly are, what strengths they hold, and what unique power(s) they have.


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